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Top Amazon Lawyer: ‘Justice for All’ Requires More Funding and Innovation

Fortune Media
June 18, 2019

The rule of law paves the way for prosperity, and American corporations have a major stake in keeping the country’s promise of equal justice under law. Without it, the communities where we work and live are less prosperous, and so are the customers we serve.

Corporations have a responsibility to the communities they serve. Providing pro bono legal assistance is one piece of a patchwork of solutions to the current crisis of civil injustice. At Amazon, we‘re partnering with a variety of nonprofits and law firms to expand the efforts of our in-house lawyers to represent clients in need. In Seattle, for example, we are building shelter space in one of our new downtown Seattle offices for Mary’s Place, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting families experiencing homelessness, which will include a pro bono legal clinic to provide legal help to families staying in the shelter. This effort aligns with Amazon’s broader corporate focus on alleviating homelessness to provide more consistent, regular support to those in immediate need, and meet the challenge of homelessness in innovative new ways.

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