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Consulting Services

CPBO provides confidential consulting services to legal departments, in-house lawyers, and ACC chapters around the world. CPBO staff has worked with in-house attorneys at legal departments of all sizes and across industries on their pro bono programs.  Such work includes assisting legal departments new to pro bono to establish strong, effective, and enduring pro bono programs.  CPBO also assists legal departments with mature programs on expanding, improving, and strengthening their existing programs.

This broad perspective provides CPBO with unique insight and the ability to suggest a range of strategies that will work most effectively for your pro bono program. Every in-house pro bono effort brings together unique volunteers, organizations, clients, and communities. CPBO is committed to working with in-house lawyers to find tailor-made solutions that will enhance pro bono efforts, ensuring efficient, effective, and successful programs.

CPBO’s consulting services can address topics such as:

  • starting a new pro bono program;
  • policies, structure, and planning;
  • encouraging and increasing participation;
  • identifying opportunities;
  • maintaining momentum;
  • recognizing participation;
  • including non-legal staff in pro bono;
  • creating unique and impactful programs;
  • integrating the pro bono program with the organization’s community service efforts;
  • addressing ethical concerns;
  • advising on liability insurance options; and
  • addressing state multijurisdictional practice rules that may restrict in-house pro bono.