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CPBO administers a number of initiatives that enhance, promote, and transform the pro bono efforts of in-house lawyers, legal departments, and ACC chapters.

Clinic in a Box® Program – This half-day legal audit clinic provides in-house counsel the opportunity to provide pro bono services to nonprofit organizations or small businesses while earning CLE credit.

Corporate Pro Bono Challenge® Initiative – The CPBO Challenge® initiative is the benchmark for legal departments in tracking pro bono efforts.

Global Pro Bono – In partnership with PBI, CPBO acts as a trustworthy advisor, providing resources, support, and advice to legal departments and ACC chapters looking to engage legal staff in offices around the world in pro bono work.

Pro Bono Metrics – CPBO and PBI are developing tools that allow legal institutions to better capture and measure the objectives and goals of their pro bono programs.

Multijurisdictional Practice – Information about state practice rules; CPBO is actively working to improve those that unnecessarily restrict in-house pro bono participation.

Strategic Partnerships – CPBO offers confidential services to help develop and support partnerships between legal departments, law firms, and/or public interest organizations.

Pro Bono Summits – These action-oriented meetings bring together leaders from across the legal profession to advance the agenda on access to justice and pro bono legal services.

Task Force Initiatives – CPBO and PBI engage leaders from legal departments and law firms on important initiatives affecting in-house pro bono.

Awards – CPBO and ACC present annual awards honoring the pro bono accomplishments of in-house legal departments.