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Role of Law Firms

In addition to planning the Clinic in a Box® program with the other host organizations (CPBO, a legal department or ACC chapter, and a public interest organization), the host law firm is responsible for the following tasks:

  • updating training material, including a CD of legal resources the in-house volunteers receive in advance of the Clinic and the legal audit form that the volunteers review with the clients during Session II of the Clinic;
  • preparing and conducting an hour-and-a-half PowerPoint CLE training program during Session I of the Clinic;
  • providing expert support and advice to the in-house volunteers during Session II of the Clinic, as requested;
  • partnering with in-house volunteers after the Clinic, as desired; and
  • providing legal advice or helping to place clients after the Clinic, if needed.

Depending upon the license selected, CPBO or a legal department or ACC chapter administers the Clinic. As a part of the license, CPBO provides law firms sample training materials and other resources to help this process run smoothly. Law firms may also secure the Clinic location, arrange for CLE, and provide onsite support during the Clinic.

For a more detailed outline of the role of law firms, contact CPBO.