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Criteria for the ACC Corporate Pro Bono Award

Nominees must:

  1. Be an ACC member or ACC member department (self-nomination is welcome);
  2. Complete a written summary of their program or activity;
  3. Be able to evidence their pro bono service commitment through additional references; and
  4. Include as many of the following additional criteria as possible:
    1. In the case of a pro bono program, evidence of the existence of the program for a period of at least three years.
    2. In the case of an individual in-house counsel, a detailed summary of their activity, including information about those who benefitted from the activity.
    3. A substantial and quantifiable time commitment to the program or activity.
    4. The visible support by the corporation/entity of the nominee’s efforts; evidence that the work was done under “corporate auspices,” perhaps involving corporate non-legal staff and/or the use of corporate resources.
    5. That the efforts of the nominee are unique or creative in meeting a need that would otherwise not be addressed.