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Recent News About Multijurisdictional Practice Rules

Beginning in 2011, several states made headlines when they adopted a range of new rules or rule amendments with regard to the practice of in-house attorneys barred in jurisdictions other than the one in which they work. See the articles below for more information:


The Indiana Rules for Admission to the Bar and the Discipline of Attorneys now include language permitting registered in-house counsel to obtain a Pro Bono Publico License.




The Association of Corporate Counsel submitted comments on proposed changes to the pro bono rule in the District of Columbia. Read the comments“In November 2018, the District of Columbia expanded its authorization for out-of state lawyers to deliver pro bono legal services. 



The Topeka Capital-Journal: Kansas rule change removes barrier to pro bono


The PBEye: On the Road to MJP reform in Virginia




The PBEye: Free to Practice Pro Bono in Wisconsin!




Effective March 1, 2019, the California Supreme Court reduced the restrictions on non-locally licensed, registered in-house counsel to provide pro bono legal services. The amended rules permit registered in-house counsel to provide pro bono services through either a qualifying employer or eligible legal aid organizations. The Court eliminated the requirement that registered in-house counsel register as Legal Services Attorneys in order to do pro bono as well as the three-year maximum for pro bono engagement.




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