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Clinic in a Box® Program – Select Topic

CPBO’s Clinic in a Box® Program – Select Topic is an off-the-shelf model designed to create pro bono opportunities for legal departments and ACC chapters. Similar to the Clinic in a Box® Program – Legal Audit, these half-day clinics provide in-house counsel the opportunity to advise nonprofit organizations or small businesses while earning CLE credit. The select topic clinic focuses on a particular subject matter, identified by the host organizations, such as nondiscrimination and anti-harassment policies. They are produced in collaboration with legal departments or ACC chapters, major law firms, and local public interest organizations.

The goals of the clinic are the same as those of the legal audit model:

  • introduce legal departments and ACC chapters to a replicable pro bono delivery model;
  • encourage in-house attorneys to use their transactional legal skills to do pro bono work in their communities;
  • leave in-house counsel with tools they can use to continue to provide pro bono services on their own; and
  • foster closer ties among corporations, law firms, public interest groups, and their communities.

In addition, the select topic clinic allows in-house volunteers to focus in-depth on specific legal areas relevant to nonprofit organizations or small businesses.

CPBO offers licenses to the Clinic in a Box® Program – Select Topic to legal departments and ACC chapters and, as a part of the license, provides guidance, sample resources, and materials necessary to host these events.

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