Clinic Structure

  • The Clinic in a Box® Program – Legal Education is divided into two important components – pro bono education and advice. For the pro bono volunteer, the program also includes a preparation period during which the volunteers develop materials for the program, including a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Length of Preparation Period: 2-5 hours
  • Length of Program: 2 hours
  • Pro Bono Training:  During the first hour-and-a-half of the program, in-house attorneys and others volunteer lawyers train leaders from local nonprofit organizations or small businesses on relevant legal information critical to the organizations.
  • Brief Advice Period: For the remaining 30 minutes, the trainers and additional in-house volunteers meet individually with the leaders of one or more local nonprofits or small businesses to provide advice specific to the organizations. Ongoing representation is not provided under this model, but may occur if desired by individual volunteers and attendees.

For more information, contact CPBO.