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Clinic Structure

For the in-house volunteer, the Clinic in a Box® Program – Legal Audit and the Clinic in a Box® Program – Select Topic are brief pro bono commitments divided into two important components – training and advice.

  • Length of Clinics: 4.5 hours
  • Session I: Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Training:  During the first hour-and-a-half of the legal audit and select topic clinics, in-house volunteers receive the training necessary to advise a local nonprofit organization or small business during Session II. Experts from a local law firm instruct the in-house lawyers on applicable legal issues. For the Clinic in Box® Program – Legal Audit, the areas covered are governance, employment, intellectual property, real estate, and tax. For the Clinic in a Box® Program – Select Topic, the host organizations select the topics to be covered at the clinic.
  • Session II: Client Meeting: For the remainder of the legal audit and select topic clinics, in-house volunteers meet with the leader of a local nonprofit or small business (the client), in pairs or small groups, and lead the client through a checklist, spotting issues and providing legal advice when needed. To the extent legal issues arise that cannot be resolved at the clinics, the in-house volunteer has the option to provide ongoing pro bono representation to the client or to ask the law firm or public interest partner to assist in the matter.

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